worlds most powerful htpc?

Sep 12 2014

case silverstone gd07

mobo= asus maximus iv black edition

cpu= i7 3970x extreme edition

ram- 64 gigs ripjawsz 2133

pcie ssd= asus raidr 240 gig

storage= 4 3tb seagate barracudas 7200rpm

2 240gb samsung ssd raid 10

2 1tb 2.5 hdssd

gpu= saphire r9-290x

creative sound blaster z

happauge 2250 tuner

happauge colloses hdmi capture card

imon ultra bay

aquaero 6

asus rog oc panel

hot swappable ssd bay

card reader w usb 3.0 esata and always on charge port

2 slim bluray drives

1 140mm noctua fan

2 120mmx12mm fans

2 120mm noctua fans

3 80mm fans

evga 1000w psu

1 240mm rad

1 120mm rad

1 80mm rad

swiftech mcp 355 pump

custom built pump silent box

sleeved led lighting

2 cold cathods

el wire and el tape

everything is mounted with rubber spacers for sound


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