May 16 2013

News - Integra Announces DTR-30.5 - "First" AV Receiver with Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

While I wish that they would do more to officially embrace a position in orchestrating the home theater it is still interesting to see how AVR OEMs evolve their products. At least from Onkyo it appears to be the year of integrated Wi-Fi & Bluetooth - which is a nice get. I'm not that interested in their custom integrator (CI) targeted Integra line personally because I don't need the CI features (or the associated price tag), but it is a great signal of where the consumer line will end up so well worth some attention.

Full PR after the click.

Feb 28 2013

News - Onkyo Releases Fix for TX-NR818 24p Issue

As the months dragged on I was a bit concerned that the issue noted in our review of the TX-NR818 where it converted 23.976 content to 24.000 was not going to get fixed. Thankfully that is not the case because today Onkyo released a firmware update that resolves it (and a couple other issues) - Huzzah!

I've been running a beta version for a few weeks and it's been working great, so if you have a 2012 Onkyo AVR grab a USB stick and get updating.

Also, it's worth thanking Onkyo (and the people there who advocated for us) for doing the right thing here; not every company does.

Jun 27 2012

News - Onkyo 2012 High-End A/V Receivers

Onkyo TX-NR5010

Offering pre-outs for 11.4 and nine amplified channels, Onkyo's newest high-end AVR (TX-NR5010) is a beast. Including all the good stuff like MultEQ XT32, HQV video processing, and IP content that piqued interest in the TX-NR818, alongside top-end audio processors it's clear that it earned its spot at the top. The TX-NR3010 and TX-NR1010 were also announced for July arrival, but it's not entirely clear what besides "toroidal power" you'll give up by keeping more $ in your wallet.

Full PR after the click.

Mar 26 2012

News - Onkyo Exposes More 2012 AVRs

Onkyo TX-NR818Last month Onkyo announced four audio video receivers (AVR); while the video features were interesting none offered advanced room correction. Today we received word that the specifications for two more mid-range AVR are now available (the actual devices will show up in May), with the TX-NR818's MultEQ XT32 addressing that gap. We'll have to see where the reviews end up, but with features like InstaPrevue, HQV VPP/scaling, and network connectivity it is now on the short-list. Brief feature breakdown and PR after the click.

Feb 13 2012

News - Onkyo Unveils Mid-range 2012 Lineup

2012 OnkyoWhen we dropped in on Onkyo during CES I was impressed with InstaPrevue and MHL, but a little disappointed in my ability (or better said, lack thereof) to pry any details from them regarding the 2012 lineup. Given the vague answers received, I was a bit concerned that those features wouldn't make it into enough of their products to really be useful to most consumers. Fortunately, with a product announcement issued this morning we've learned about four new audio video receivers (AVR), and except for the so-so level of room correction (Audessy 2EQ) Onkyo has continued its history of delivering an incredible amount of features per $. A quick breakdown is included below, with the full PR available after the click for those looking for more details.

Model (MSRP)ChannelsInstaPrevueMHLMarvell Qdeo™ (VPP, and scaling)Audyssey DSXNetwork
TX-NR616 ($699) 7.2 (THX-Certified)X XXX X
TX-NR515 ($599) 7.2X XX  X
TX-NR414 ($499) 5.1X    X
TX-SR313 ($299) 5.1     

Jan 12 2012

News - Onkyo - CES 2012

OnkyoChecking out Onkyo's 2012 audio video receiver (AVR) with InstaPrevue and Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) was one of the things I was looking forward to the most at CES, and I wasn't disappointed.  Not only was InstaPrevue a slick way to view and select inputs (third picture in the gallery), but given how it seems to work I would be surprised if it didn't alleviate many of the common switching-inputs EDID issues.  They weren't able to share much about feature segmentation in the 2012 models so it won't be known for a few months which SKUs will benefit from both of these features. That said, Onkyo has consistently demonstrated a very high feature-per-dollar ratio so I wouldn't be surprised to see them in all but the budget models.

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