Aug 09 2017

News - Nuvyyo Tablo OTA DVR Reviewed @ HTR

We haven't paid for cable in a few years, but it would be hard to go without access to OTA TV. Personally, I've been using the SiliconDust DVR but obviously that's not for everyone. If you've been looking for an OTA DVR, might want to check out this review.

Apr 15 2016

News - Sling TV will stream OTA channels via AirTV STB

Zatz Not Funny! has the scoop on Dish's end run around OTA channel licensing. Sling TV will Sling the channels via a STB - check out their post for all the details.

Jan 27 2016

News - Need an indoor OTA antenna? The Wirecutter does best off...

Outside or in the attic is best, but sometimes it's just not possible to mount a big [ugly] antenna and run the necessary cables. This is where you have to fall back on the indoor variety, and a guide like The Wirecutter's is so useful.

Sep 12 2013

News - Fall 2013 TV Premiere Schedule - Printable

There are a few ways to get the fall TV schedule, one way is through the Ceton My Media Center App, or look on each of the websites for their schedule, or scan through the guide on your DVR. Over at tvline.com they put together a printable list of all 100+ premieres on every network. Why reinvent the wheel if someone already did the work? Check out the source for a printable schedule.

How is your DVR feeling? Taking good care of it? Because we’re about to drop on you 99 100+ season and series premiere dates for the fall. Here is our round-up of September and October’s big dates, plus a cursory look at what November has in store. New series are in BOLD. Click on the thumbnail below, and save the dates!


Sep 10 2013

News - SiliconDust @ IFA 2013

It's unfortunate that the SiliconDust HDHR we saw at CES 2013 haven't meet their dates, it is refreshing to see that they are still coming - just a bit tardy coming late 2013 (US) and early 2014 (EU). Besides this tidbit coming from IFA, SiliconDust has also announced a partnership with StreamTV to build an over-the-air (OTA) DVR with over-the-top (OTT) services built in. If you're at the event in Berlin you should stop by and check out the demo. Otherwise, you'll have to make do with the PR - after the click.

Oct 17 2011

News - Elgato Lauches TV Tuner for iPad2

While this is pretty much only for our European readers it is still news worthy for everyone, Elgato has released their iPad Tuner EyeTV Mobile. The tuner allows for live viewing of over the air DVB-T broadcast tv on the iPad 2. The software gives you a full program guide good for 7 days, and with a fully charged battery the iPad 2 with the Elgato tuner will allow up to 8 hours of live TV viewing.

This is one interesting piece of hardware, I would love to see something like this become available in North America. I really could see a use for this in my every day life. Not sure how well it would work while on a moving vehicle, but if it does I could use it on my daily train commute to work.

EyeTV Mobile’s integrated EPG offers up to 7 days of detailed programme guide data (the amount of EPG data varies by broadcaster). A pull-down calendar menu, navigation buttons for Now/Tonight/Tomorrow and genre colours make it very easy to find one’s preferred shows. Users can email programme details directly from the Guide to recommend upcoming shows to friends or print them with AirPrint-enabled printers. Eight hours of live TV, antenna options for portable and indoor use.

The Digital Lifestyle

Sep 15 2011

News - Channel Master Over-the-Air DVR STB

Channel Master CMTVAdmittedly, I was taken aback by this DVR from Channel Master.  Offering anyone with an OTA antenna access to a--seemingly--full featured (depending on your definition, of course), dual-tuner DVR, this is an interesting device.  While it may not be what many of our Missing Remote users are currently utilizing, it definitely offers people a fairly inexpensive entry into the field of DVRs, as well as an option for those looking to remove that monthly bill.  Yes, even the EPG is free of monthly charges.

Special thanks to jennyfur for pointing this new device out!  (Ed:  Even if I didn't know that when I posted this.  Embarassed)

...this solution does include basic DVR functionality, with none of the fees. And just because it's free, doesn't mean you'll only be able to save one show at a time. The Channel Master TV has a 320GB hard drive on board, meaning you can save about 35 hours of HD programming or up to 150 hours of the standard-def stuff. The dual on-board ATSC tuners allow you to record one channel while watching another, or record two programs on different channels and watch a third previously recorded show.  You can schedule timer-based recordings through the on-screen Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with Picture in Guide and search the guide listings if you're looking for something specific.

Big Picture Big Sound

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