Apr 06 2017

News - Epson announces Home Cinema 1450, projector for bright environments

Projectors are awesome. There really isn't a better way to get that massive movie screen. But, unless you have rigid light control you are very liimited in where you can take advantage of all that goodness. Epson is claiming to have that sorted, or at least more so, with their new Home Cinema 1450 - which is specifically designed for brighter environments, and at $1500 (SRP) it won't break the bank either.

Full PR after the click.

Sep 14 2016

News - Epson introduces four new projectors

Ranging from $1,300-$2,000, the three consumer 1080p projectors are the most afforable of the set. But, if your pockets are a bit deeper (OK, quite a lot deeper), there's also a Laser model in the mix. It's also 1080p, but will support 4K + HDR input, and carries a CI targeted $8,000 MSRP.

Jan 06 2015

News - BenQ Continues to Impress with the HT1085ST Projector

I got to see a BenQ projector first-hand when Kyle did a review on one last summer. It certainly sold me on the idea of a projector, and will be a strong contender for my next screen purchase when it becomes necessary. Their newest offering, the short throw HT1085ST can project 100" from less than 5 feet away. It also allows for trapezoid correction, so you can mount it on a corner table or wherever you have space.

The brief press information is below, but I must say the details on their website seem to indicate they thought of everything. Not only to they make syncing wireless easy, but they thought of longevity in sealing the mirrors to dramatically slow the aging effect. I will be interested to see how it looks in person.

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