Jun 21 2016

News - NETGEAR patches Badlock on ReadyNAS

TLDR: If you have a NETGEAR ReadyNAS NAS, you need to update it to v6.5.0.

Oct 01 2015

News - NETGEAR Announces Quad-core A15 ReadyNAS 212/214

We recently reviewed NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS 202 finding it an excellent option for consumer NAS. Building on the device’s solid performance, NETGEAR announced the ReadyNAS 212 & 214 today bumping the spec from dual to a quad-core 1.4GHz ARM Cortex A15 for the 2XX family. The general feature set hasn’t changed; still offering all of the great backup and cloud goodness as before. The increased CPU performance has been put to good use in the ReadyNAS 21X, with software based (single stream 1080p->480p) transcoding now available via Plex, penalty free real-time A/V scanning, and the full potential of dual Gigabit link aggregation in the box. I for one am very interested in seeing how these $329/$499 NAS devices perform in real conditions, especially with NETGEAR making link aggregation much more approachable to the average consumer with today’s other product announcement.

Full PR after the click.

Jan 20 2012

News - NETGEAR - CES 2012

NETGEARI often find that that good networking kit is neglected when it comes to building an solid connected home theater, with low-end network interface cards (NIC), routers and wireless access points (AP) creating a sub-standard experience. It's also an area where we haven't done as much as we should to spread the word through guides and reviews - something that I'd like to change in the coming year. With that in mind I made a point to stop by NETGEAR to check out what they had on tap for the coming year; of course it didn't hurt that they also make a really solid over the top (OTT) streamer, the NTV200...

Nov 11 2011

News - Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ v2 Reviewed


Before Windows Home Server came along, I used to drool over the ReadyNAS boxes. They were compact and ReadyNAS had already established themselves as being particularly friendly to plug-in development. That was before ReadyNAS got bought up by Netgear. Fortunately, it sounds like Netgear is continuing to support the development of a NAS device that combines professional performance with consumer pricing. It requires trading off features that might not be relevant to a home user without sacrificing the speed and performance that business buyers expect. The revamped web interface looks particularly interesting given that this was an aspect of the ReadyNAS boxes that has been knocked in the past.

The strength of the ReadyNAS lineup over competing NAS solutions is the wealth of user contributed add-ons that is available on the ReadyNAS support website. We will talk about the add-ons in detail in a later section. While SSH is not available readily, it is possible to enable it with a add-on.


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