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Sep 14 2016

News - Vizio P65-C1 reviewed @ RHT

If I'm honest, I wasn't expecting much when I clicked through to look RHT's review of the Vizio P65-C1. While scanning through I ran across this "...the Vizio P65-C1 provided the best non-OLED performance I saw this year". Naturally, this required a more thorough read and I must that it impresses most of the way throughout. Quite a lot of TV for $2,000.

Sep 12 2016

News - Raumfeld wireless speakers reviewed @ RHT

I hadn't heard of Raumfeld before, but after reading the review I'm quite intrigued. While there are few issues pointed out by the reviewer, it seems like solid kit and a welcome entrant in to the wireless home audio market.

May 13 2016

News - OmniMount 3N1-PJT projector mount reviewed @ RHT

You don't see many projector mount reviews, so it was enlightening to see this one of the OmniMount 3N1-PJT and get a better understanding of the process that goes into selecting the right model for your projector.

May 10 2016

News - Roku Streaming Stick reviewed @ RHT

Had the updated Roku Streaming Stick been available a few months ago when I picked up a Roku 2, I'm confident that I would have opt'd for it instead. With a very sleek profile, RF remote (vs. IR), the same capabilities for a lower price ($50), it just makes sense.

Apr 21 2016

News - SVS PC-2000 subwoofer reviewed @ RHT

I've never contemplated a cylindrical subwoofer, actually only barely knew they existed. After reading the review of the SVS PC-2000, I think I'm going to have to do some research into the benefits of this shape versus a standard cabinet design.

Apr 15 2016

News - RHT reviews Denon AVR-X2200W

I usually end up buying AVR from the mid-range, so it's great to see a solid model from this segment covered over at RHT.

Feb 02 2016

News - Denon AVR-S710W reviewed at RHT

I have a Denon AVR, and I've found it to be quite solid so RHT's conclusion on this HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 $480 Denon AVR-S710W doesn't surprise me in the least.

Jan 26 2016

News - RHT unleashes UHD Blu-ray database

UHD Blu-ray is a big step up from Blu-ray, and should be a huge step up from streaming. But history has a way of not picking winners solely on the techincal merits, so I'm not convinced that it has long term legs. Even so, if I had a 4K TV it would be hard not to pony up the $ for a player and a least a couple titles to show off said display when folks come calling Smile.

Unfortunately, not all UHD titles are 4K though so you may want to check RHT's database when picking ouf your perfect demo material.

Jan 19 2016

News - Epson PowerLite 2040 LCD projector reviewed @ RHT

I think Chris pretty much nails the main reason why you would consider an LCD projector in this (<$1000) price range over DLP - rainbows. I don't see them, but they are a real, blocking issue for some...

Dec 05 2015

News - BenQ HT3050 & HT4050 projectors reviewed at Reference Home Theater

BenQ does an excellent job of proving you don't have to break the bank to have a proper "theater room" with a big screen projector. We've had one of their higher-end models in for review a while back, but if your budget is a bit smaller (around $1000) it looks like the HT3050 would be the one. Of course, there's a lot more verbiage around this over at Reference Home Theater, so you should head over and have a look at the details.

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