Life with an App Episode 1: TDL Podcast Player for iPhone

Sep 27 2010 Podcast Player for iPhone and iPad Devices

Please refer to the following video review for all the information on this very affordable iPhone product:

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TDL Podcast Player is a very affordable app that makes listening to your favorite TDL podcasts very easy via your iPhone or iPad. The app allows you to listen and/or download any podcasts from including the new DigitalLifestyle Show, TDL Mobile and the Custom Integrator show. 

The app does it claims to do very well: you can easily and quickly view all of the podcasts available from website. You can pause, resume and skip through a program. You can also add it as a favorite and send links to friends directly from the app. It even allows you to download TDL wallpaper for your iPhone if you so desire.

It iis somewhat limited, howver, as it does only work with TDL podcasts which you could sync via iTunes anyways, but this provides a nice alternative for people who don't do so or that want an easy to use alternative. Whether it's worth the asking price is strictly a user preference based on how they listen to shows.

Cost: $1.99


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