Jan 20 2016

News - Securifi adds Almond 3 to consumer home automation router lineup

I love the idea of a home router hub that integrates all the radios necessary for home automation (HA) in the same box. I've heard mixed reviews of Securifi's kit since it launched, but it's great that they are inovating and bringing a cheaper model to market. Hit up AnandTech for the details on their newest, cheaper, model.

Jan 12 2016

News - NETGEAR R8500 + RN214 + LACP tested @ Anandtech

To get the most out of Link Aggregation, you really need enterprise hardware. Well, that used to be true anyway. NETGEAR has had the technology in their consumer ReadyNAS line for a while, and recently brought it to their high-end Nighthawk X8 R8500 802.11AC router. If you're curious about what that looks like in real terms AnandTech has tested it out.

Dec 10 2015

News - D-Link announces DIR-885L/R AC3150 802.11AC Wi-Fi router

Just when you thought the pace of change in the 802.11AC market might be slowing, it looks like it's time for another refresh - this time bringing AC3150 forward. The 2nd Ultra (read big-red-spaceship, which I happen to like BTW) model is a "MU-MIMO capable" device based on Broadcom's 4x4 hardware. Like all the competative models running the same SoC it will require a FW update to get full Wave 2 capability. There are quite a few other features alongside the jump to 2167 Mbps(5GHz) + 1000 Mbps (2.4GHz); all covered in the PR.

Oct 01 2015

News - NETGEAR Announces Tri-band AC5300 X8 R8500 802.11AC Wi-Fi Router

Today NETGEAR announced the latest addition to their high-end consumer 802.11AC Wi-Fi routers; the $400 Nighthawk X8 R8500. Like other “AC5300” routers the X8 is based on a 1.4GHz SoC with tri-band Wave2 sporting one “1000Mbps” 2.4GHz and two “2166Mbps” 5GHz radios. Unlike previous generations of 802.11AC routers the X8 has two features which make it very unique compared to the competition; powered antennas and six Gigabit Ethernet ports. With two of the wired ports supporting link aggregation (including 802.3ad) it pairs nicely with NETGEAR’s other product announcement.

Unfortunately MU-MIMO is not yet enabled on the device, but the hardware is ready -- just waiting on firmware which should ship by end-of-year. While this is interesting, to take full advantage clients will need to be MU-MIMO enabled as well so it isn’t nearly as exciting as the active antennas which take signal amplification away from the noisy mainboard and places it where it can make the most difference to every wireless client, as well as cutting down on the number of physical antennas hanging off the router. According to NETGEAR’s PR, this has incredible benefit (see above), and I’m inclined to agree, but of course it’s something that we’ll want to test out before repeating it too loudly.

Full PR after the click.

Jul 13 2015

News - NETGEAR Launched R6400 AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router

Staying on Wi-Fi's cutting edge has been expensive over the last couple years, with the major improvements in software and features only coming to the top end of the market. Today NETGEAR took steps to reach more budget-minded users with the launch of the $150 R6400 AC1750 802.11AC Wi-Fi router. The R6400 is intended to slot into the R6300's current position, adding external antennas, and updated SoC to features like Beamforming+, NETGEAR Genie, ReadySHARE Vault and AirTime Fairness previously found on their top-end devices.

Full PR after the click.


Jun 22 2015

News - NETGEAR Launches AC1900 C7000 Nighthawk 802.11AC Wireless Cable Modem Router

NETGEAR Launches AC1900 C7000 Nighthawk 802.11AC Wireless Cable Modem Router

It seemed absurd to pay a monthly cable modem rental fee when we lived in the US, so I always had my own sitting in between the wall and my router. This was convenient, but if you’re limited for space and want fast 802.11AC NETGEAR just launched a combination 24x8 (fastest DOCSIS channel bonding solution available) wireless router cable modem called the C7000. My first inclination when I heard about the C7000 was that it was a R7000 internally joined with a cable modem that happened to be packaged in a single chassis – this is not the case however as it uses a different SoC to handle all of the functionality, sharing only the same AC1900 Wi-Fi radios as the R7000 which should lead to lower power consumption than the other approach (or two discrete devices), and at $280 certainly lowers the cost compared to cable modem + dedicated similar spec’d Wi-Fi router. As far as I can tell the only downside to this approach is that the firmware upgrade process is managed by the MSO (currently only Comcast is supported, but others will be soon), which is a mixed bag. On one hand you don’t have to keep it up-to-date, on the other hand you can’t swap it for OpenWRT (for e.g.)

Full PR after the click.

Feb 18 2014

News - ASUS is not fixing a security flaw in their Router Automatically

ASUS is not fixing a problem that is considered a security flaw in any of their recent firmware Asus Logoupdates. Do you have any of the features enabled that help with remote access to your files? Do you have Samba enabled? You are also opening up yourself to this vulnerability. Security experts are trying to contact ASUS to see if they are planning on fixing the issue, but no response yet. The “hacker” can see the entire hard drive that is connected to the router, even if you don’t have it shared out publicly. This goes for a bunch of ASUS routers and ASUS is slowly coming out with some patches but they have to manually fix the issues. Check out the link below from CNET.

"These types of attacks could be prevented if security was a higher priority in the router manufacturers software development life cycle," Holcomb said. "At the end of the day, this is just the tip of the iceberg; with the amount of vulnerable network hardware comprising the internet infrastructure, people should count on more large scale attacks."


Jan 13 2014

News - Belkin @ CES 2014

Belkin was very generous and gave me a great tour of the booth at CES as well as some great Belkin Logopreviews of upcoming products for 2014. Belkin purchased Linksys in March 2013 to help excel in the router market and strengthen their current and future products. Their demos were helpful for both companies that are going to be running as separate entities in 2014.

We saw some products at the CES Unveiled press event of some Belkin WeMo products and newer additions to the lineup, with new smart switches and smarter plugs...

Aug 02 2013

News - D-Link Gaming Router with StreamBoost Technology Now Shipping

Even though I would prefer a more wall-mountable chassis, I remember being very impressed by this router and the StreamBoost technology back at CES. Besides the typical things we expect from a modern high-end router (Gigabit switch, AC, etc.) it also offers dynamic traffic shaping to so things like video streaming or gaming take priority over less time sensitive protocols like FTP or Bittorrent. $200 isn't cheap for a wireless router, but I've often found that you get what you pay for with networking technology. Of course we'll have to see how it holds up in the real world, so I'm going to be watching the reviews closely to see how it plays out.

Lastly, it looks like they are giving away a bunch of these. Just click through to the product page for the details. Full PR on the next page.

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