Feb 03 2017

News - HDHomeRun DVR now supports protected (DRM) channels on XBox One and some Windows 10 machines

SilconDust promised it, and it's certainly taken longer than expected, but if you've been waiting for protected CableCARD content support from the HDHomeRun DVR you can finally dive in. If you have an XBox One, or are one of the lucky Windows 10 users where it works.

Details are a bit light on what separates the have/have nots on W10, but if you are one of the unlucky - you will need to get back into wait mode. 

Sep 01 2016

News - Plex adds DVR feature

If you're rocking a Plex Pass you can have a play with their new DVR feature. It also requires a supported Silicon Dust HDHR tuner, so if you have one of those you're ready to roll. Awesome!

Well, that is, unless you're Plex server is sitting on an NVIDIA Shield Android TV. That's unsupported at this time Sad.

As a BETA, there are a few other caveats (e.g. Copy-Once no-go). So make sure to check out the full release and forum post.

Aug 16 2016

News - HDHR DVR comes to XBoxOne

I've never had a reason to regret opting for a PS4 over an Xbox One, but there is now one thing that I really wish that it could do - that the Xbox can now do. Work with the HDHR DVR.

Hopefully, PS4 is next Smile. If you have an Xbox, head over to the Microsoft store and let us know how it works.

Jul 27 2016

News - Samsung seems to be killing RUI feature in firmware update

It looks like Samsung might have killed off the RUI feature in its firmware that lets you use the HDHR DVR without installing an app on the display. You can check out their video which demonstrates this yourself. If this is intentionally, and not a bug introduced in the firmware update, I have to say that it's pretty customer hostile. Samsung shouldn’t be selling features then remote killing them when they feel like it.

I've been thinking about grabbing another TV, and Samsung was high on my list because of this feature. Now, not so much...

Jun 23 2016

News - HDHR View now runs directly on RUI 2016 Samsung TVs

I have a Samsung TV, so I was initially really excited about this announcement. But, alas, it isn't a 2016 model so I can't test it. If you do have both, let us know how well it works for you. Bonus, should also work for DVR features as well!




Jan 14 2016

News - Silicondust enables HDHR DVR for ClearQAM users

It's an unfortunate reality in the US, that ClearQAM is slowly disappearing. But equally true, is that when it works, it is fantastic - sometimes even magical, like when HBO HD is broadcast in the clear Smile. So it is great that SD has added [sort of] support for the capture method in their developing HDHR DVR project.

Nov 26 2015

News - SiliconDust Posts HDHR DVR November Update

The main point of interest looks to be news that the Windows Universal App should be in the store in the next seven days or so, but there are a few more including news for Android and updates to the current VIEW app. It's hard to be patient Smile.

Nov 13 2015

News - HDHR + ATV = LiveTV (via Channels)

If you have an Apple TV and a SiliconDust HDHomeRun, you should check out Channels. Currently only unecrypted channels will work, which is understandable, but still somewhat dissapointing.

Oct 03 2015

News - SiliconDust Opens HDHomeRun DVR Early Access

If you've been kicking yourself for missing out on the HDHomeRun DVR funding campaign, and the associated early builds of the software. SiliconDust is now allow you to opt-in to get access and a year of service for the same price as the original Kickstarter.


May 30 2015

News - SiliconDust HDHR4-2DT Is On Newegg UK, but you can't buy it

SiliconDust announced on Twitter last night that their DVB-T2 tuner is finally available in retail channels, but you will have to wait a bit for the £98 network tuner as Newegg is having trouble actually letting you buy it.

Newegg SiliconDust HDHR4-2DT

On the plus side, you can pre-order from Amazon UK with a June 1st expected ship date (what I did). I'm pretty stoked aobut getting my hands on one.


Unfortunately Amazon missed the ship date and let me know that they don't know when the HDHR4-2DT will be back in stock.

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