Nov 29 2017

News - SVS launches 4000 Series subwoofers

SVS is known for making amazing subwoofers, both from a performance and value perspective. So it is great to see them launching a new line that look fantastic and promise specs to shake the floor/room/house. The three models in the 4000 Series lineup offer different form factors and range price from $1500-$2000 (check the release below for more details). Like all SVS audio products these subs come with the 45 day risk free in home trial, but if you'd like to have a listen first - or just win some SVS products - they are holding demo events in quite a few locations around the US (also below).

Oct 06 2016

News - SVS brings the boom, announcing two 16" subs

I love my sub, but sometimes I have to get up from the couch and turn it down a bit (after getting yelled at). Have to imagine this would only be made worse if I happened to have one of these massive 16" (ported or sealed) subs just announced by SVS, so I quite like that their's a little remote and a couple of apps available manage that without needing to stand up.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make any of the demo sessions (sigh, they're all in the US), but if you're free and want to be impressed you can RSVP here.

Apr 22 2016

News - The Wirecutter does "Best Budget Subwoofer"

I love a good sub. It's an essential part of the movie, and many times, music experience. Naturally, not everyone's budget can strech to accomodate something that costs several hundred $ - which is where this "best of" list comes in. With an entry at $110, it's probably time if you don't already have some thump in your HT room.

Apr 21 2016

News - SVS PC-2000 subwoofer reviewed @ RHT

I've never contemplated a cylindrical subwoofer, actually only barely knew they existed. After reading the review of the SVS PC-2000, I think I'm going to have to do some research into the benefits of this shape versus a standard cabinet design.

Mar 30 2016

News - Journey towards the right subwoofer

There is a lot of useful information included in the write-up. It's more personal journey, than review, but either way well worth a read if you want to learn more about subwoofers in general and the SVS lineup in particular.

Nov 26 2015

News - HTR Reviews Artison RCC Nano 1 Subwoofer

Speakers work by moving air. For a subwoofer to be any good, it needs to move a lot of air, right? With this in mind, I was pretty skeptical about how well a 7.5x8x9" sub could do anything more than tickle. But like a lot of things, how well something works depends significantly on how you plan to use it, so it looks like this cute little guy does a decent job (properly caveated).

Nov 10 2015

News - Home Theater Review Looks at Sunfire XTEQ12 Subwoofer

A solid, well performing subwoofer is a critical aspect of a good home theater, or audio system. Especially if you use an AVR with LFE filtering enabled (you should be in most cases). The Sunfire XTEQ12 is a bit outside my price range, but it might hit the mark for you.

Nov 05 2015

News - SVS Tackels The Sealed v. Ported Subwoofer Question

Now SVS is a speaker company, specializing in subwoofers, so you might to take their guidance with a grain of salt. That said the write-up seems pretty balanced, and concludes with a solid "it depends" which is always a good sign.

Feb 28 2012

News - Atlantic Technology Announces Downfiring SB-900DF Subwoofer

Atlantic Technology SB-9000DF

Much to my wife's displeasure (especially as we've house hunting lately) I refuse to live in a place where we can't center the main room around the home theater install. For those with a less permissive spouse, Atlantic Technology's new down-firing might be just the thing to get good room shaking bass into a compromised space - trust me, your neighbors will appreciate it Smile

PR after the click...

Jun 29 2011

News - HTR Reviews Auralex Acoustics' SubDude HD Subwoofer Isolation Platform

My house was built in the 1920's so like the reviewer at HTR I often get unwanted vibration transferred from the sub and have often thought about trying to find something to isolate it from the floor.  $60 is a little outside my impulse buy range, but the given the glowing results I might have to attempt a repro.

The SubDude HD is isolation platform designed to help decouple your sub from the room itself, which according to Auralex will result in tighter bass, better accuracy and reduced vibrations. For me, it was the latter that I was looking to cure, for in my home my dual JL Audio Fathom f110s can be responsible for some serious 'shake,' thanks in part to my home's construction, which in 1940 was probably top-notch but not so much today. During spirited listening sessions vibrations are a serious issue for me and can rob my system of some of its low-end prowess. I learned of the SubDude HD's existence on our forum, Home Theater Spot, where several users had commented on it solving a number of their bass issues - including excessive vibration. Since the SubDude HD retails for $70 (though I've seen it offered online for less), it was worth a shot. 

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