Jan 15 2018

News - CES 2018 - Skyworth

This isn’t the first time I’ve run across Skyworth at CES, but it is the first time I’ve noticed an OLED display in their booth. Like everyone else, the panels are sourced from LG, so that’s not particularly interesting. What is quite engaging however is the expected price point of the displays when they come to the US later this year. Three models are planned with 55”/$1500, 65”/$2000, and 75”/$3500-$4000 the expected sizes and prices. The models at the show were prototypes and as such way too early to judge harshly, but I do hope they take the time and effort to get the video processing nailed. There were a few issues quite apparent.

May 30 2017

News - No display to rule them all - HDTVTest 2017 Sony A1/A1E v LG C7 comparison

If you are in the market for a OLED display I would recommend having a look at Vincent's comparison of two of the top contenders. While very thorough, there is an important thing not mentioned; the LG's significant price advantage. 

Personally, I took two things away: maybe it would be good to wait another year for OLED and it's great to have competition Smile.

Jun 29 2016

News - Epson Announces two LCD projectors with 4K UHD signal input & HDR

You would be forgiven for thinking that this pair of ~$3k LCD projectors support 4K, and they do, sort of... It's not spelled out explicitly in the PR (aside from the "signal input" bit), but these are really just 1080p, that accept a 4K input and downscale it. HDR compatiblity is a plus, but I didn't see which formats will work on a quick scan through the specs. If you know, please spill in the comments.

Mar 09 2016

News - C-NET explains "What is UHD Alliance Premium Certified?"

I suck at naming things. So I am sympathetic to those whose job it is to do exactly that. Sometimes names matter, sometimes they don't. This one does seem to matter... most of the time... except when the display OEM... bleh! Let's just let Geoffrey handle it.

Feb 07 2016

News - UHD (4K) is easy. What's UHD Premium?

As much as having yet another standard can cause overload, adding a "Premium" lable to UHD does add some value; potentially making it easier to select a display. The downside is that if you just bought a 2015 UHD display it's quite likely that some, if not all, of the things that make a UHD Premium display better than [plain-ol'] UHD aren't supported on your shiny new TV. So maybe, if you just jumped on a "Big Game" 4K TV deal you shouldn't follow the link to RHT Smile.

Nov 27 2015

News - Why Is UHD BD Important?

Streaming is winning the format war, but that doesn't mean that Blu-ray is down-and-out. In fact, there's a [last gasp] effort to update the format to support 4K (UHD) and HDR - with Tech Rader making a case for why it's important. I get their arguments, as they are essentially the same as the apology for 1080p Blu-ray (looks better, don't need good Internet, etc.), and I'm personally sympathetic. I just don't know that there's really any wider support in the market for another round of expensive players + updated title releases. I could be wrong, and even falling prey to personal experience bias.

What do you all think? Does Ultra HD Blu-ray have a chance? Would you do another round of physical media upgrades?

Jan 12 2015

News - DISH @ CES 2015

Dish Networks always puts on a good show at CES, and this year was no exception. There were dancing kangaroos, the CEO came in playing a drum, and there was plenty of loud music in the intro. Of course none of that would matter if it was all fluff, and Dish didn’t disappoint here either announcing the 4K Joey, a slick looking voice remote, slick “Carbon” UI, whole-house music via the Hopper & Joey, and a new Live TV service called Sling TV.

Mar 18 2014

News - Home Theater Review Explains Rec 2020

I like big TVs, so there isn't much selling required for me to see the value of 4K. That said, on a smaller display (IMO, anything less than 60") I can also agree that there isn't much benefit to throwing more pixels at the problem, but there is another potential benefit to the developing standard...

You've likely also heard the debate over whether 4K has any real value at smaller screen sizes, where it is very difficult to discern the step up in resolution from 1080p at the viewing distances from which most people watch their TVs. During such debates, you may have heard a statement along the lines of, "When we get the better color that goes along with that higher resolution, then 4K will really appeal to the masses, at any screen size." We've certainly said as much on our site over the past few months, but what is the "better color" we're talking about? Upon what are we basing this statement?

Home Theater Review

Dec 16 2013

News - HDTVTest: 4K vs 1080p Blind Test Results

I'm not surprised by HDTVTest's finding that 97% of people could correctly identify a 4K display vs. 1080p, but I have to admit that they did it at 9' on a set of 55" displays was surprising. In my experience it's only really obvious after 65". They were fairly scientific in setting up the test to ensure it was as fair as it could be; make sure to click through to get a better understanding of the results and the conditions that generated them. Well done.

 Earlier this month, we set out to investigate if the extra resolution offered by 4K over 1080p is visible at normal viewing distance, as part of an Ultra HD and OLED television showcase event organised by British retailer Richer Sounds. A 55-inch 4K UHD (ultra high-definition) TV was lined up alongside a 1080p HDTV of the same size, each displaying content that’s 1:1 pixel-matched to its native screen resolution. Both TVs had their identities masked by custom-built cabinets which were spray-painted black. Standing 9 feet away (enforced using crowd control posts), attendees were then asked to pick out the 4K television after sampling the displayed material.



Nov 13 2013

News - 4K Killed Panasonic's Plasma?

HDTVtest makes a compelling case for why Panasonic would stop making plasmas, but I can't help but feel that OLED isn't quite ready to replace it in their display lineup. I want to believe that OLED and 4K are their path forward, but I have to wonder if it's not more about Panasonic's health as a company than anything else. Hopefully Panasonic will have a few nice surprised to talk about at CES.

Either way it's well worth the read to find out why 4K and PDP don't mix.

“Will they? Won’t they?” Years of speculation about whether Panasonic will pull the plug on its loss-making plasma TV division came to an end last month, when the Japanese manufacturer officially announced that it’s going to stop making plasma display panel (PDP) by the end of this year, with sales of both consumer and commercial plasma TVs scheduled to end on the 31st of March 2014. As industry experts reflect on the demise of yet another class-leading lineup of television sets (just like the critically acclaimed Pioneer Kuro before it), it has transpired that 4K Ultra HD, or lack thereof, was the main factor behind Panasonic’s plasma exit.


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