Dec 12 2017

News - Axiim announces Link HD - 7.1 WiSA USB dongle for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

It isn't very often when a new product leaves me speechless, but the Axiim Link HD did exactly that when I discovered its existance. It is fantastic in its simplicity (as a product) because it essentially turns your Windows 10 HTPC or Xbox One into a multi-channel wireless audio (via WiSA) "AVR". Based on the PR it looks like audio CODECs will be decoded on the PC/Xbox and output over PCM, but I will ask about this and whether power is supplied via the USB 2.0 connection to the PC/Xbox (awesome) or if a separate power supply is required (slightly less awesome).


1) Link HD is USB powered!

2) Source device does need to handle decoding chores and provide PCM to the Link HD.

Oct 03 2017

News - Axiim announces "WM Series" WiSA speakers

If the idea of a wireless AVR+speaker system from Axiim sounds interesting to you, but were waiting for something a bit grander/larger/towery than what they've had on offer so far... The wait is over, for pre-order anyway with the just announced WM Series. The spec's look interesting and I would expect performance to be a step up from the existing system. Oh, and they come paired with the long awaited Q UHD (which looks to have finally popped up as well).

Head over to the Axiim website to have a look.

Sep 22 2016

News - Axiim announces 4K Q, will upgrade existing users FOR FREE!

Wow. Just wow. It's not that often where you open a product announcement email to find out that the company is upgrading existing users for free. But, that's just what Axiim just did in their latest newsletter. Fixing one of my few, and arguably most important, complaints with the Q.

I need to lay down...

Mar 18 2016

News - axiim nears BETA end point

You should have read Missing Remote's first look at the axiim Q Wireless Home Theater System (if you haven't, seriously!!!). So you'll all know that it's currently in BETA, and therefore offers a pretty steep discount off the eventual SRP. If you have been pondering potentially purchasing this WiSA based home audio system, there won't be much more time to pick it up without paying full price.

Jan 06 2016

News - Klipsch brings WiSA speakers to market

It looks like 2016 might be the year when WiSA wireless speaker tech finally hits the market in a real way. I have been following the standard for several years, and having heard it in action can attest to its performance. Really looking forward to seeing how it develops, sad I couldn't make it this year to listen to Klipsch's new line of reasonably priced speakers.

Dec 31 2015

News - More details about Axiim have come out

More details about Axiim's wireless home audio solution have come out ahead of CES. The more important is that the "AVR" + speakers will leverage WiSA (a good thing IMO) and they are planning a paid ($1500) BETA program that you can sign up at the website.

Jan 15 2015

News - WiSA @ CES 2015

Creating a new standard for anything is hard. For a market as diverse as home audio, I can only imagine how difficult it is to get OEMs to collaborate, let alone agree on a wireless standard that lets end users build best-of-breed systems according to their needs – instead of playing to the vendor’s desire to lock them into their ecosystem. Fortunately WiSA has done exactly that. I’ve visited with them for three years running, and each time I get to see progress, which is why every year I look forward to seeing what the group that is defining a wireless speaker wire has accomplished.

Jan 05 2015

News - LG Innotek Joins Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA) Association

I've visitied with WiSA a few times at CES, and will again in a coupe days, and each time I've been impressed with the technology and how far it has come year-over-year. Today they announced that LG Innotek has joined the association. As you can probably guess LG Innotek is an affiliate of the giant we know as LG - so it should make it into their products and other vendors as well.

PR after the break.

Jan 13 2014

News - WiSA @ CES2014

I was impressed enough by WiSA last year when I stopped by for a demo to schedule a meeting this year to see what twelve months of progress has done for the ecosystem they are trying to build. We had already discussed the specifics of the technology so this time around it was all about new products, segmentation and where they expect their market to go in the next year.


Jan 14 2013

News - WiSA @ CES 2013

WiSAThere's a lot of really cool stuff at CES, but most of it is part of the iterative, slow march towards something better and not really the big step forward that really engages the home theater geek inside. This year much of what I saw was exactly that; there were a few exceptions though with WiSA (Wireless Speaker & Audio) being one.

After peeling back the marketing, WiSA's goal is actually very simple - they are using wireless technology to replace speaker wire. Building something that offers the same level of interoperability and device agnosticism that we have come to expect from the physical transport, but with the convenience of wireless. Most importantly, having learned the lessons of early 802.11 implementations, they have created the process to ensure that this promise actually comes to fruition.

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