Mar 01 2017

News - YouTube launches Live TV service

Network coverage is a bit light, but given sports coverage, support for six users, and unlimited DVR storage it might just work for $35/mon. Even if it's not quite up to your standard, I think we can all agree that the level of competition developing in this space is FANTASTIC. What I'd really like to see though, is a just sports pack. That's really the only thing that I want from "cable" anymore. Anyone else in the same boat?

Naturally it is just US, but ROW probably wasn't expecting anything here Smile.

Oct 03 2012

News - YouTube Updates Leanback Experience with YouTube TV and New UI

 YouTube TV

When I built my first HTPC 8 or 9 years ago, people who did not understand my geeky tendencies quite so well as my wife would ask me why I would want to hook up my computer to a TV, and it was often difficult to provide an argument that they would find compelling. Of course, that was before YouTube. A couple of years later, whenever someone would pose that same question, all I had to do was fire up YouTube on the big screen. YouTube has experimented with a couple of different 10-foot user interfaces intended to make navigating YouTube easier on the TV as part of a project called YouTube Leanback. Leanback is still there at YouTube, but the future belongs to YouTube TV, a new 10-foot interface at

YouTube TV looks and feels much more like an app on a media streamer device than YouTube Leanback and I would not be surprised to see a YouTube TV app pop up at some point in the Chrome Web Store. It's not just the look and feel that is more app-like either. YouTube TV offers the option to login to YouTube and control YouTube TV from a mobile device. There are device codes and pairing codes that need to be swapped at different sites, but the process should be familiar to anyone who has ever activated an online service on a device like a Roku or WDTV. So familiar in fact that YouTube TV feels like a test run for the future of YouTube on streaming devices. At this point, the entire experience does seem to be rather insular. In my admittedly limited testing, the account login and device pairing option were only available when using Google Chrome. Firing up YouTube TV in Internet Explorer resulted in far fewer suggested viewing options as well. Also, the device pairing might be limited to Android devices at this point. With only iOS devices to test, I did not have access to the Menu Grid icon that leads to the field for entering the pairing code. Even without the mobile device remote control, YouTube TV is already a compelling upgrade over YouTube Leanback and an intriguing glimpse of the web app future of streaming media.

The new mode, accessible via, allows users to more easily control the YouTube experience from a TV or large monitor.

You control the interface with your keyboard — using the arrow keys to navigate and certain letter keys to access various functions. For example, the “G” key acts as home and “S” acts as search.



Sep 06 2012

News - YouTube Rentals Looking to Expand to Philips Smart TVs

YouTube added movie rentals to its list of features way back in 2010, and Google has been quietly adding more studios to their library over the last year by signing deals with companies such as Disney, DreamWorks Animation, and Paramount. To date, those rentals have been restricted to the PC and the Google TV app, but it sounds like Google might be getting ready to spread the love to other Smart TV platforms. Reportedly, TPVision is anticipating that their Philips Smart TVs will be among the first to start offering YouTube movie rentals in Europe later this year. Given the overlap in function between YouTube, Google Play, and Google TV, one would think that Google would be more interested in developing a cohesive branding experience before pushing out to new platforms, but I suppose it never hurts to have another VOD service provider to choose from.

YouTube Rentals on Smart TVs

The company, which is better known for its Philips-branded TV sets, said that it will be offering YouTube rentals in “select European countries” later this year. TPVision also said that “Philips Smart TV will be among the first TV platforms” to offer access to these rentals.


Jun 07 2012

News - NETGEAR Announces NTV200S Media Streamer


NETGEAR just announced the NTV200S (aka NTV PRO) as successor to their popular NTV200 media streamer this morning. Those with familiar with the previous device will be forgiven for not noticing the difference as it essentially the same device (offering all the good stuff we loved like VUDU and Netflix) just with WiDi support (via 2x 2.4GHz antennas) for $20 more ($69.99 v. $49.99) - which is a steal if you were looking at adding that feature to your home theater (standalone WiDi devices usually run $80-$100).

Datasheet, PR and more information after the click.

Apr 07 2012

News - Paramount Brings 500 Titles to YouTube, Google Play

Paramount and Google have reached an agreement that will see about 500 Paramount movies become available on YouTube and Goggle Play. The licensing only makes the movies available to rent and apparently only to Internet users in the US and Canada. Paramount's movies will be added to YouTube and Google Play gradually over the next several weeks with rental rates between $2.99 and $4.99 depending on the films vintage and whether it is in SD or HD. With the addition of Paramount, Google now has deals in place with five of the six major studios, leaving only 20th Century Fox to resist to pull of the Googleplex. Perhaps 20th Century Fox is waiting to see if they can convince Google to sell movies as well as rent.

Google and Paramount

YouTube has announced a content deal with Paramount which will provide access to nearly 500 new flicks. Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, will also enjoy the additional content thanks to the new agreement. While what movies will be made available remains unknown, that number of movies could include more than half of Paramount's films since the 1950s.


Mar 12 2012

News - NBC to Stream Complete 2012 Summer Olympics with YouTube

Olympics 2012 NBC YouTube

NBC has been the sole source for Olympics coverage in the US for the last several events, and each time, the network has tried to tweak their offerings to best capitalize on their exclusivity. Sometimes this has meant utilizing NBC's secondary cable networks for extended coverage or providing event replays online. This year, NBC seems intent on providing as much coverage as possible, in as many formats as possible. Not only will this Olympics be the first in 3D, but it will also be the first in which every event gets streamed online. To achieve this prodigious feat, NBC has ditched their Silverlight-based web player and cut a deal with YouTube to provide the new backend. The video will actually be available on NBC's site, but it will be all YouTube behind the scenes. Every event will be streamed live, along with recaps and exclusive interviews and commentary. I've always preferred the Winter Olympics, but with NBC getting serious about streaming coverage, I might just find myself willing to explore the summer games a bit more.

More than 3,000 hours of live streaming footage from the Olympics will be broadcast online, making it the most live content, by far, ever to be broadcast from the global competition. In case you were wondering, yes, that equates to every single event during the entire Olympic period will be available to Web surfers in the US. This is the first time that has happened.


Mar 11 2012

News - Vizio Adds Skype and YouTube to Internet Apps

Vizio's Internet Apps smart TV platform added two new apps this week. The first was a new Skype app. To take advantage of the Skype app, Vizio is also selling the new V.I.A. TV Video Camera for $150. The TV Video Camera connects to a compatible V.I.A-enabled TV via USB and provides 720p video capability. The second new app is a YouTube app, giving Vizio TV owners yet another way to stream video from the Internet. The YouTube app looks like a fairly basic variant with YouTube Channel browsing and account login for saved playlists and channel favorites.

Vizio and Skype

Not long after bringing some Redmond vid-calling to your living room, Vizio's introducing another app that may just enhance your couch entertainment. Via its Twitter account, the outfit announced YouTube will now be a part of its Internet App portfolio.

Engadget HD

Feb 14 2012

News - YouTube App for Google TV Updated

Google took to Facebook over the weekend to announce that they had a big announcement coming Monday for Google TV. Google didn't quite make it to Monday before letting the cat out of the bag. Google is rolling out a new version of the YouTube app for Google TV. According to the Google TV blog the new app will be faster and smoother and make better use of YouTube channels. For one thing, there will be more channels, and users can now subscribe to the channels they find. To help with finding interesting channels, the new app also has a new feature called "Discover" that allows users to browse through the channels by categories. It would seem reasonable to assume that many of the folks who have taken the plunge on a Google TV are also YouTube fans and the new app looks like it brings some nice polish. I'm sure it is a very nice app, but did anyone else feel a bit of a let-down given all the recent talk about the possibility of Google prepping a Sonos-like device?

Google TV YouTube App

In the next few days we’re releasing an update to your YouTube experience on Google TV making it faster and easier to find great content, adding YouTube channel pages, and giving you more control over your experience.

You’ll be able to update your app through Android Market, and you’ll see some big improvements.

Google TV Blog

Feb 02 2012

News - Is YouTube getting into the subscription service?

It looks like YouTube is pondering other ways to make money.  I'm curious if a subscription to a specific "channel" is something that you guys would pay for.  Personally, I don't think that I will be getting in to this.  But you never know.

At the D:Dive Into Media conference Tuesday, YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar gave his views on how the video marketplace is evolving both online and off. While much of the company’s efforts have been based on advertising — with some small portion of video-on-demand sales, Kamangar said his company could potentially create a service that could enable content providers to create their own subscription-based video offerings on the YouTube platform.


Jan 20 2012

News - Reuters Launching YouTube Channel

When CNN launched a little over 30 years ago, the idea of a 24 hour news channel was revolutionary. Today, news channels represent a major cog in the subscription television machine. It should therefore be no surprise that YouTube, which seems intent on positioning itself as the Internet equivalent of 1000 channels and nothing to watch, would want a news channel of its own. YouTube has added Reuters to its portfolio of original content channel providers with the launch of Reuters TV. Reuters TV is launching 10 shows devoted to general news segments, investigative journalism and interviews, as well as vertical focus shows such as Money Clip, a financial news show. 

Reuters TV

Reuters, one of the oldest and most respected news organizations in the world, has joined YouTube and will have a channel dedicated to all the world's news, including finance, politics, and technology.


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